LanTranBot v0.3


Group Chats :

Group example

In the above example you can see how the bot will work.

The bot is configured for this chat group to use Dutch as main language.  So, it will analyze every message sent in the channel by users, and if it detects it as dutch, it will not translate the user's message.  If it detects to be another language, it will send back the translation in Dutch, and you'll see by the flag what the original poster's language was.

If you enable autoswap, the original posters message will be removed by the bot.  (needs admin rights to do so)

Following commands are available in group chats :

Group Help

You can get a bit more info on each command by adding the command after /help.  Example : /help autoswap

In v0.3 a new command was added : /multiroom.

This will allow you to link multiple chat groups to each other.

How you ask, well, make sure you add the bot to each group.  Make it admin (or at least the right to remove messages - to obfuscate the api keys entered)

Once the bot is there, configure each group as such :

/start (to initiate the group in the bot db)

/lang de (set the language for the group)

/multiroom on (enable multiroom for your first group, after which you will get a command to link other groups (fe /multiroom_53294563)

/api deepl yourapikey (to make sure the bot can translate your messages)

Then you go to the second group, and repeat the steps.  (Except for the multiroom you now use the link provided the first time - so /multiroom_53294563 instead of /multiroom on)

Done?  Great, now once you post a message in on of the groups, the bot will pick it up, translate it and forward it to the other group.  (even stickers/pictures/animations etc will be forwarded)

Multiroom example

As you can see, you can link more than 2 groups, but be aware the more groups you link, the more your api key will be used.

In short :

/api : Add a DeepL API key to use in this group for translations.  Can only be done here if bot has authority to delete messages, as it will delete your original message to protect your api key from others in the group.  You can also add a group API from the personal chat by using /api group groupid apikey.

/autoswap: Will delete the original message and only leave the translated one to lower amount of messages in the chat.  Only available if bot is admin and has the right to delete messages.

/lang: Will show you an overview of all supported languages.

Overview Languages

/pin: Will set a pinned message showing the bot's settings.

/start: You should run this command first time you add this bot to a new group.  It will prepare the db settings.  It will also restart the translation engine if it was stopped with the /stop command.

/status: will show you the current settings

Group Status

/stop: stop translating messages in this group for now.  Use /start to restart the engine.

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