LanTranBot v0.3

Thanks for your interest in the LanTranBot.

I know... this site looks like crap... But it should load fast :)... It's just meant to provide you some information on the program I wrote. 

This bot will help you with translating messages to and from others in the Telegram Chat App.

It uses the DeepL API to do so, in future versions, I'm planning to add more API possibilities.

Telegram lantranbot

Example Personal chat

lantranbot bonjour

LanTranBot v0.3,

There are 2 modes this bot can work in.

You can only have 1 outgoing session, but can have as many incoming as you want.

For more information, check : Personal Chats

For more information, check : Group Chats

If you have any comments or ideas to add, please reach out to @asansi. ( ) or join

!!! Thanks !!!

These libraries made it so much easier for me to create this, so thanks for creating these !

GitHub - php-telegram-bot/core: PHP Telegram Bot based on the official Telegram Bot API

GitHub - DeepLcom/deepl-php: Official PHP library for the DeepL language translation API.

GitHub - impronta48/IBMWatson-PHP : Access IBM Watson Translation API in a easy way from PHP

About me :

Asansi - 46 year old guy, who hasn't programmed in over 25 years. Used to program in Basic, C, C++, Pascal, Delphi and a little ASM. Wanted to use my creative juices once more, so started learning PHP (didn't program in it before) and as I prefer to learn while doing, looked for a little project to put my time in, and came up with this translation thingie. I know telegram already has built in translation possibilities, but still, felt like a nice project :).

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